UBeG was a partner in an EU-supported project on geothermal energy use in industry (IGEIA). The project surveyed the framework conditions for market, incentives, etc., and investigated the possible application by studying three concrete project examples. The published reports of the project, which ended in 2009, were available on the project website; this website does not exist anymore. Hence UBeG provides the key reports for download here.


Key Project Data:


Full Title:
Integration of Geothermal Energy into Industrial Application


Supported by:
Intelligent Energy Europe (EIE/06/001)

12/2006 - 5/2009

Saunier & Associés (France)

Enpro (Estonia)
EST Setubal (Portugal)
Sweco (Sweden)
UBeG (Germany)



Market reports 2007/2008

Market Report Estonia (English)
Market Report France (English)
Market Report Germany (Englisch)
Marktsituation Deutschland (German)
Market Report Portugal (English)
Market Report Sweden (English)

Energy Studies

Energy Study for a factory in Sweden (English)
Energy Study for a supermarket in France (English)
Energy Study for a supermarket in Germany (English)

Feasibility studies

Feasibility study factory Sweden (English)
Feasibility study supermarket France (English)
Feasibility study supermarket Germany (English)


Guide financial incentives (status 2008) (English)
Guideline developers (English)
Leitfaden für Projektentwickler (German)
Information sheet advantages geothermal (English)
Informationsblatt Vorteile Geothermie (German)