UBeG is an engineering company specialised on geothermal energy applications. Among the small team of 5 permanent employees and several case-to-case specialists are highly skilled geologists, all with ample and long experience (more than 30 years in one case) in the geothermal and ground source heat pump sector. UBeG is active in geothermal investigations, planning and research in projects in Germany, other European countries, and overseas (e.g. China, South Korea).

UBeG has designed the geothermal part of many large ground source heat pump projects, comprising a range of different technologies like borehole heat exchangers (vertical loops), groundwater wells, foundation piles as heat exchangers, and horizontal loops. The type of buildings includes office buildings, shops, hotels, apartment buildings, etc., but also whole residential development areas and industrial heating and cooling applications.

UBeG performs design of ground source systems in a holistic way, combining investigation of the underground with analysis of the specific requirements given by the building heating and cooling system. The work performed ranges from pre-feasibility site studies through detailed site investigation, modelling, planning, to commissioning assistance and monitoring of operation. It includes the geological and technical part as well as administrative matters like applications for drilling and operation licenses, negotiations with authorities, preparation and evaluation of call for tenders, etc.

UBeG in 1999 was the first company in Germany to develop and use own equipment for thermal response test (TRT, originally developed in Sweden and USA), as a tool for ground investigation for borehole heat exchanger systems. Up to now, UBeG is a market leader with TRT in Germany, and is also performing tests in neighbouring countries. Test equipment has been exported to some EU countries, and to China and South Korea, alongside with the relevant training. The equipment, processes and evaluation methodology are continuously optimised by UBeG.

UBeG is striving to keep its position at the leading edge of geothermal technology and thus is investing in research and development activities. Beside own in-house R&D e.g. concerning technologies for site investigation and material testing, the company was and is partner in larger projects both on national and EU-level. Co-operation with universities, research institutions, and industry R&D-departments has contributed greatly to our knowledge and expertise, and enables UBeG to provide the costumers with the most advanced geothermal technology.

UBeG staff are involved from start in the committee for German guideline VDI 4640, the basic document for shallow geothermal technology in Germany, and have been active recently in creating the latest part of the guideline, VDI 4640-5 on TRT.

UBeG has its own premises with offices and workshops, equipped with all the necessary data processing and laboratory facilities; allowing for optimum working conditions for top performance.

UBeG is conveniently located in Wetzlar, north of Frankfurt, and thus close to the national and international transport hub in Germany. This location, very central to all larger German population and industry centres, facilitates the specialized work throughout Germany and abroad.



Ground Source Heat Pump projects (selection of highlights):


Leica Camera AG, Wetzlar, Germany, 2014

Residential development areas, Troisdorf, Germany, 2014

Harmonic Drive AG, Limburg, Germany, 2012

Bonner Bogen, Bonn, Germany, 2004/2009

Feig Electronic GmbH, Weilburg, Germany, 2009

Continental Automotive GmbH, Regensburg, Germany, 2006

Westend-Duo, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 2005

PLDS, Wetzlar, Germany, 2004

Deutsche Flugsicherung, Langen, Germany, 2001


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