Leica Camera AG, Wetzlar, Germany

Manufacture of high end cameras and optical components.
Building with production, offices and shop

Project details:

  • 80 Borehole Heat Exchangers (vertical loops), each 120 m deep, divided in 2 fields of 50 BHE and 30 BHE, respectively.
  • ca 700 kW of heat and cold exchanged with the underground.
  • highly complex building HVAC technology using heat pump, CHP, chillers, storage; heating and cooling fort he rooms, and cooling for production processes.

Numerical simulation (with Feflow) of temperature dispersion around the two BHE-fields at the end of the heating period (left) and the cooling period (right):

Drilling in 2012, using 3 rigs in parallel:

tops of finished BHE